Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's It Like Being Me?

Of knowledge, we have none, save what You have taught us (Quran 2:32)

Underneath my garment is a woman who is...

1. God Fearing
2. Educated
3. Not Oppressed
4. Modest
5. Opinonated
6. Determined
7. Full of Strength
8. Courageous
9. Dedicated 2 my religion (ISLAM)

I protect myself by wearing this garment for it is a gaze inhibitor.
You can take pics of me, try to draw me, even make fun of me but guess what! you will never be able to harm me because Allah is my protector and sheild.

I am not an exhibit, so why would I set up a stage for this world (i.e. beautify myself trying to fit in to be seen)?

Just think... If I were to dress like the NORM in this society attempting to display my figure to outsiders than what gift would I have for my husband whom I love so much!

I am a good example for my son as I follow the Quran and Sunnah which is 2 me the key 2 all happiness. Remember "It is impossible to breed successful men if they do not have mothers capable of raising them to be successful" (Women and Gender in Islam. P. 145)

The point of covering is not that sexual attraction itself is bad, simply that it should be expressed only between husband and wife inside the privacy of the home. MODESTY

HIJAB is a benefit for all!!!!!!

~ Protection from "unwanted" male attention
~ Helps husbands not to be attracted to women other than their wives
~ Protects me from feeling lust
~Escapes social and economic limitations in this society
~ Our percentage of rape victims are low because we wear too much clothes to take off and because we are not trying to portray everything we have.
~Saves us lots of money by being our own salon (Hair Stylists)
~ Women get the sense of their own personality
~ We obtain respect and freedom
~ We fear Allah more as we are doing something that He has commanded:
O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the beleiving women, that they should cast their outergarments over their persons [when abroad]: that is most convenient, that they should be known [as such] and not molested. And God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (33:59)

My modest conduct is more important that what I wear but if I also wear modest attire out of fear of Allah this pleases him more. As a Muhaggaba (veiled one) it's my source of inner peace. Just leave me be!

Hijab is a screen of privacy- Niqab is a better screen
Hijab helps develop Taqwa- Niqab helps develop more Taqwa
Hijab is a jihad that purifies the soul- Niqab is a greater Jihad
Hijab is a protection for sisters- Niqab is a better protection
Hijab is an assertion of Islamic identity- Niqab is a stronger assertion
Hijab is fard- Niqab is mustahabb


~ We often look in the mirror at ourselves wondering what more does Allah have in store for us. Some of us almost feel hopeless as we wonder have we already hit rock bottom. Sisters please not that Allah knows our limits and that Allah promised us that He would not place a burden on us greater than we can bare. Everyday we face our own Jihad as we attempt to give Dawah and often times we can talk until we have almost lost our breath, but if it was in Allah's will you could touch the hearts of those only He has allowed you. It's not easy now a days being Muslimah's because of everything going on in the world but Allah keeps us safe, so never be afraid of what we may or might encounter because Allah created everything that exists including mankind.

~Never fear the creation but the Creator, Is my moto. When you look into the mirror, imagine me and other sisters standing behind you like the Verizon network people because together we make the difference. It often may feel like every body and their mama is looking at you when you are walking outside, driving in the car, grocery shopping, mall, etc. Pay not attention to them but to Allah. Allah has reason for everything and if your happy being who y ou are Alhamdulillah, that's all that counts.

*******To All Feminist and other Individuals trying to CHANGE me and what I stand for******

Leave me ALONE 4 I am not oppressed. The oppressed amongst you are your own kind and instead of being in my business you need to change yourselves and others in your immediate groups from all the teenage girls who are pregnant, street pharmacists (Drug Dealers), robberies, homicides, homelessness, Atheist, psychologically disturbed, sexuality confused individuals, etc. and out of all this, you want to attack me because I'm Muslim lol yeah right!!! Deal with the issues that are already at hand then you can come talk to me. What harm am I to you because of my faith? and the way I dress?

And Oh!!!!!!!

1. When a girl hits puberty and wants to buy a bra then what makes it wrong that at puberty I wanted to wear a hijab?

2. when a boy is told to wear protection while playing sports, then why isn't it okay for me to wear Hijab (protection) against Fitnah?

3. If an old person can wear dentures outside and return home to take them out, then why can't I wear Hijab outside and return to my home to take it off if this is what makes me feel good?

4. If we are all people of the book (i.e. Quran, Gospel, Torah) then why if I respect you, you pay me back by calling me terrorist, radical all the above?

*****I love being Muslim and I love you 2 for being God's creation*******


Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum sister,

An amazingly insightful post. Those were the very words that float in my mind when I decided to follow-through with the hijab. These days, without it is a simile to incompleteness. Alhamdulillah, I have made peace with myself on this. You're truly an inspiration. :)


Anonymous said...

The people who were Nikab have low rape percentages, not because they wear to much clothes to take off, but because they do not attract men's attention. Do you think just because somebody is wearing to many clothes,it will prevent rape? No, people who do not attract attention do not get raped!!!